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Covid Rink Policies

COVID-19 Rink Restrictions

Since the statewide risk level has been changed to “Moderate Risk” for COVID-19, below are the restrictions for the West River Ice Center effective Saturday, January 9, 2021. These guidelines need to be followed and respected in order for us to continue with hockey. All practices, clinics, shinnys, and youth games are subject to these guidelines. (The high school game guidelines are set by DHS.) 

1.) Masks are required to enter the building. Masks must be worn while inside West River Ice Center. Players must wear masks until they take the ice and put back on when they leave the ice.

2.) West River Ice Center will allow 50% capacity for all Dickinson Hockey Club youth events. Charbonneau Arena - 450 and Cornerstone Bank Arena - 150. No restrictions on spectators for each youth player. HIGH SCHOOL events will follow Dickinson High School guidelines. 

3.) Locker Rooms & Games: For games, teams may arrive to rink 60 minutes prior to scheduled game time and need to limit their time in locker room to 15 minutes.

Locker Rooms for Practices: There will be NO locker rooms for Squirts, Mites, and Minis. These players NEED to dress at home. They can put skates and helmets on at the rink. Locker rooms are available for PW, 12U, Bantam, 14U, and DHS teams. Players using locker rooms are limited to under 15 minutes for dressing in locker room. "Hanging out" in locker rooms is not allowed. 

4.) MUST practice social distancing per guidelines set by the CDC & Department of Health.

5.) If sick or subject to a quarantine, please stay home.